Custom Cables Assemblies – Where to get them and the truth about Customer Service

In order to measure how important customer service is for a customer, I wished there was a stick you could use to measure customer service anywhere you visit. I think google reviews do a fairly good job at ranking businesses for how satisfied their customers are.

Customer satisfaction and online reviews have become so critical that now that companies have started listening more than ever to their customers. Custom cables manufacturers should not be the exception, this type ofB2B transactions may account for the success or failure of a project. You can have a company that makes beautiful cables that outperform the competition, this along with a lousy custom service that just does not get what the customer needs. In this case, we may just call this company a complete failure. Here it is a few things to watch out for and how to judge a manufacturer by their customers’ experiences.

Expectations when requesting a custom cable quote:

  • Custom cable quote should not take more that 24-48 business hours
  • Vendor is knowledgeable and can easily refer to what the materials the custom cable assembly needs fairly quick
  • Vendor has can produce a drawing of the cable upon request
  • Custom cable manufacturer is helpful and has the ability to outsource parts needed
  • Depending on the difficulty of the project, you expect a lead time that will work for your deadlines
  • Custom cable manufacturer stands by its product and can easily guarantee the quality and performance of its products
  • Shipping for custom cables is easily done and hassle free

Red Flags to watch when requesting Custom Cable quotes:

  • The vendor does not understand the urgency of the project
  • The person on the other line of the phone does not have a clear understanding of what you need
  • Vendor gives you indication of delays on manufacturing process
  • Cable manufacturer representative does not understand on what is needed to make the cables / does not know the process of how it is made
  • Vendor does not have an engineer in house that can answer more complicated questions that may be critical to performance and quality
  • Shipping times are longer than expected

If you ever encounter any of these red flags above, you need to make sure this is only a simple misunderstanding. Custom Cables is a combination of engineering and a flawless quality. The real problem is that the limited number of vendors in the United States is not enough to have a larger group of manufacturers. Therefore, how companies treat their customers is enough to make them come back for more. On the other hand, hiring of overseas custom cable manufacturers present a different set of problems; in this case, the language barrier may be the most present one.

In regards to customer service, the companies that you are dealing with needs to make sure that they offer to you the knowledge that will help you keep your piece of mind. There is nothing more frustrating than learning about a problem in a later phase of a project.  Lastly, when you receive the final product, make sure that the custom cable assembly looks the same as the original item requested. In case there was a performance report attached to the cables, random test a few of them if a fluke tester is available. Always keep in mind your customer and his/her project.


If you would like to request a custom cable quote for a network custom cable, audio custom cable or video custom cable in fiber or copper, please do not hesitate to email our sales team directly at [email protected] . If you would prefer, you can give us a call at 682-325-1944.


Luis Sanchez